A Suspenseful Novel About the Navy, the White House, & International Terrorism

Circle William cover Comments from Readers of Circle William

“Bill Harlow has written a remarkable novel about
international intrigue and policy making at the highest levels of our government.  If you can’t work in the White House, this is the next best thing.”

Brent Scowcroft, former National Security Adviser

“Bill Harlow has captured the essence of almost every personality type the White House and Navy have to offer with the uncanny authenticity of a man who know both institutions intimately. True Washington insiders will recognize every character in Circle William. And he put them to great use in a first rate tale of high seas adventure and high White House intrigue.”

Marlin Fitzwater, former White House Press Secretary

“This is a terrific and unusual book. It offers two things often missing in such novels…military experience and a sense of humor.”
Tom Ricks, author of “Making the Corps “

“Circle William is a page turner – a riveting tale of suspense, a realistic
glimpse of political personalities managing crises and most of all it is a fun read.”

Sean O’Keefe, former Secretary of the Navy

“Harlow has the Navy right, the press right, the White House right. I mlove this book. It’s a terrific read — all done with great seriousness while capturing the humor in the personalities who reside in some of the places of power or semi-power.”

Bob Woodward, co-author of “All the President’s Men,” assistant managing editor of The Washington Post, and former Navy lieutenant “Circle William is a winner. It is fast-paced, full of suspense and above all authentic. I couldn’t put it down.” Nathan Miller, author of “War at Sea: A Naval History of World War II”

“Bill Harlow captures the traditional “Iron men and Wooden ships” with the “CAN DO” spirit of the United States Navy in a realistic politico/action thriller in  Circle William.  It makes those that have served
proud of the “Blue and Gold.”

Richard Marcinko, author of “The Rogue



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